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Amount of Financing EUR
10 000 2 000 000
Loan Maturity day(-s)
1 120
Amount payable : 1783541.67 EUR
The amount of financing is up to 80% of the goods value. The amount to be paid is calculated at the cost of capital of 18% per year. The actual amount may differ, as it will be calculated individually after careful study of the details of the transaction.
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    • How big a purchase can you finance?
      From 10'000 EUR to 500'000 EUR. We can possibly increase the amount of funding after a long-term cooperation with you up to 2'000'000 EUR.
    • Is it the same as import factoring?
      No, it's easier. We will not buy the claim rights; we will not pay you the amount of the claim. We will just sell you the necessary product with a grace period.
    • How much do you require as a prepayment?

      The prepayment will make 20% or more of the purchase price of the goods. The amount of prepayment will be identified after a detailed study of your situation.

      There can be also exceptions, when you can provide prepayment not with money, but with goods from the warehouse. Such exceptions will be also discussed after a detailed study of your situation.

    • When will you require the full payment for the goods?
      Within 60 days of the goods arriving at the warehouse but you will be able to buy the goods out as needed to make the full payment. That is, if the goods are being transported, for example, from China for 45 days, then the maximum financing period will be 105 days. There can be exceptions that should be considered specially.
    • Will I be able to get the goods from you for sale and pay later?
      This is possible in some cases. We can discuss it individually.
    • Will it be possible to finance cargo that is in transit?
      Yes, it will.
    • Will it be possible to finance the goods that have already been brought to the warehouse?
      Yes, it will.
    • Do you finance exports?
      As a rule, we finance imports. In certain cases we can talk about financing the full cycle of the goods movement.
    • What will happen if I don’t pay for the purchased goods within the specified period?
      We will either extend the term of financing, or quickly sell the goods. The decision will be made together with you.
    • At what price will you sell me the goods?

      The total price that we will sell the goods to you at is comprised from the price at which they were bought (which you agreed with the manufacturer), minus your advance payment, plus logistics costs and our commission fee. You can use the calculate the deal button to see the approximate selling price of the goods.

    • What about the commission?

      The amount of the commission will be considered individually and will depend on the risk level, the amount of financing, the complexity of the project and the cost of money at the market. You can use the calculate the deal button to see the approximate selling price of the goods.

      Comissions are included in the goods' price (see question "At what price will you sell me the goods?"). When selling the goods to you, the price will consist of your manufacturers' price and our margin. We will increase the price of the manufacturer:

      • for the total cost of our work;
      • for the capital lease cost;
      • for the warehouse and carrier services costs (previously agreed with you).

      When evaluating our work, we consider the volume and complexity of the deal, compliance of its' members, the adjustment of the tradehouse to your relationships with the manufacturer, planning, organisational works, coordination and control of Parties' obligations' fulfillment.

      Leave us your contacts and we will discuss a preliminary proposal with you.