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Amount of Financing EUR
10 000 2 000 000
Loan Maturity day(-s)
1 120
Amount payable : 1783541.67 EUR
The amount of financing is up to 80% of the goods value. The amount to be paid is calculated at the cost of capital of 18% per year. The actual amount may differ, as it will be calculated individually after careful study of the details of the transaction.
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    TradeBacking.com (TB.O) has developed from the business of professional services in the financial sphere.
    TB.O mission - to provide entrepreneurs with financial solutions for the sustainable development of their business. Based on the customer needs focus and many years of experience and expertise, we create the infrastructure and offer optimal and effective solutions for maintenance and support of domestic and international businesses.

    There are 35 of us today. Most of us are specialists in finance, logistics, risk management and law. Our mutual goal and objective is the development of TB.O business into a global financing system that will be able to replace bank factoring.
    The team started its forming.
    The team began working at its full strength, we started offering professional financial services to SMEs.
    We developed Trade Financing Service and created Tradebacking.com.
    Total volume of financing of deals exceeded 8 million Euro.
    For today, there are still 15 million euro worth pending orders (deals expecting financing).
    In TB.O we can guarantee both stable profit for investors and sustainable work of the financed enterprises.
    Transparency of all TB.O transactions and processes for each participant
    Investors' funds security due to the TradeBacking.com risk management policy
    3,6% of bad deals and 3,6% of overdue payments from the very beginning
    We are proud of it!
    Top Management

    Dmitry Cheleby
    Chairman of the board
    Oskars Valainis
    Member of the board
    Inguss Andersons
    Investment director
    Eric Meinarts
    Head of Trade Finance division
    Marina Sadakova
    Head of Risks and Operations
    Customer feedback